Our Games

River of Heaven

Our far future game, set in the 28th Century, just before humanity reaches the singularity. Uses the D100 OpenQuest system, modified for space adventuring.

In Development

Blasters and Lasers

A fast-moving and pacy game, based of popular TV and Film science-fiction, using a quick and light-weight D100 system.

A zine sized Zero Edition is currently funding as part of this year’s ZineQuest 3.

Cthulhu 2023

Cyberpunk adventure in the dark world of Kill City, with a flavour of Lovecraft. Using a hacked version of Paul Mitchener’s Liminal RPG.

I shall be running the following adventure at North Star, an Online Gaming convention, on Saturday 8th May.


Project Darklight was my attempt at Cyberpunk meets Conspiracy/Ufology (aka Cyperpunk in Spppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccceeeeeeeee!). It was ultimatly a bit overambitious, and I was never 100% happy with it. It got a rough and ready release, which is still available in Pdf format via my web store.