Our Games

These are the sci-fi games that D101 puts out, that are either available or are in development.

River of Heaven

Our far future game set in the 28th Century, just before humanity reaches the singularity. Uses the D100 OpenQuest system, modified for space adventuring.

Reboot the Future

A Cyberpunk game set in space in the 23rd Century.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter and currently being sent out to backers. About to be released any day soon.

Dan Barker's cover for Reboot the Future
Dan Barker’s cover for Reboot the Future

In Development

Blasters and Lasers

A fast-moving and pacy game, based on popular TV and Film science-fiction, using a quick and light-weight D100 system.

A zine-sized Zero Edition was funded as part of ZineQuest 3, and is currently nearing completion.

Cover of Blasters and Lasers by Jeshields