Nearly time to Reboot the Future!

It’s Saturday so I had a mini-lie in till nine, then woke up far too excited since Paul Mitchener got me his final set of corrections last night, and I’m preparing the final pdf for it. Backers should get it Sunday evening.

If you missed the Kickstarter there will be one final chance to preorder the book, including getting the limited edition cover by Daniel Barker (who also did the standard edition cover).

Both printed editions will have sewn pages, ribbons and eight coloured plates 🙂

Really excited about this. I love Cyberpunk, and now have the rules-lite system so that I can get on with playing out the stories that it inspires in me. It took too long to develop, which is down to me fiddling with it to get it “perfect”. As John Ossoway told me “books are not published, they are abandoned” so it’s time to kick this child out of the nest and into your hands. Besides I’ve got lots of plans for supplements (which had to be suppressed during the Kickstarter, so I didn’t sell them short as stretch goals) and will be looking at opening the floor to other authors.

Right back to the last bit of fiddling (honest).

Here are Dan’s glorious covers 🙂

Want to learn more about the game?

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