Reboot the Future, Play the Cyberpunk You Want

This post is the fourth of five preview posts about my upcoming Cyberpunk RPG, Reboot The Future.

It’s quite important to me that my players are having fun. And a big part of this is that they get to play in a setting that they are interested in. This is set up in two ways.

  • A setting questionnaire. This quickly and effectively creates the System that the game takes part in. This can either be done by the Game Moderator solo, or more effectively with the players going round the table, to make choices about the type of powerlevel of the game, the type of homeworld that the game centres on, other bodies (satellites, moons, planets) in the system, and some important NPCs.
  • During character creation, character concepts, Drives and Styles all define not only the character, but the direction of play, and the type of situations that they get into. See the previous post about the Rules for more on this.

Because Cyberpunk is a much broader genre than it was in the 80s or 90s, its important to focus in on the things that the players find exciting.

We’re getting closer to launch. I’m anticipating I will push the button just after tea-time, 8 pm GMT this evening.

If you back during the first 24 hours, you will get a free-pdf adventure, called “Brain Dead at the Shopping Mall”. Its a Halloween-Cyberpunk cross over. Here’s the cover image by Jeshields.

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