Welcome To the Stars

Growing up Science Fiction, in the form of books then Film and TV shows were a big part of my life. More so than Fantasy, which was really just a huge blimp on the chart in my teens.

Yet when it comes to Roleplaying Games, Fantasy has dominated my gaming life. It only been recently in the last five years or so that I’ve questioned that, a subject that will crop up on this blog, and done anything to remedy that in my own publishing output.

As well as popular sci-fi in the form of TV series, Computer Games, and of course Roleplaying Games, I’ll be blogging about D101’s sci-fi rpgs, both those in print and in development.

One thought on “Welcome To the Stars

  1. Great to see sci-fi D100 get another push. Good luck with the new game. I’m really looking for a mechanism to power a game inspired by the Stainless Steel Rat, Death World, Ringworld and other classic sci-fi, could this be it?

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